What Do Children Learn Through Block Play?

Within the walls of our children’s nursery in Glasgow, there are castles, bridges, towns and forts being built through the art of wooden block play. The building blocks give children an opportunity to bring their imagination to life.

At our children’s nursery, babies and toddlers alike enjoy endless fun through block play. The little ones feel the texture of the natural wood and build block by block, during the early stages of hand-eye coordination and small motor skills development.

Our philosophy is to let children learn naturally through play and the wooden blocks, with their loose parts, let children freely choose their play projects. Often, the little ones have a plan, explaining exactly what they are going to build before they start. With building blocks, there is no right or wrong answer, which is liberating for children and helps boost self-esteem.

Already, you may be aware of the impact building blocks have on children’s development. Block play in early childhood can help develop problem-solving skills as children experiment and find out through trial and error, what does and does not work. The little ones put in the effort to consciously find a solution to finish their masterpiece. It involves math skills as children compare shapes, sizes and different measurements.

As well as developing hand-eye coordination and small motor skills, problem-solving, learning about mathematics and boosting self-esteem, block play encourages creativity. Children can immerse themselves in the experience, building blocks and creating something from their imagination or trying to replicate a bridge or building. It is tremendous fun. Who knows what they will build next?