The philosophy at Puddle Lane Nursery

At Puddle Lane we believe that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, recognising the importance of the people, experiences and opportunities that surround each child. We, together with you, grandparents and extended family can enrich this time and bring to life the links between home and Puddle Lane. We adopt a whole child approach, connecting new ideas from what a child already knows through their interests, experiences, family, and community.

The importance of a child’s environment within the early years on their learning and development cannot be underestimated. That’s why we have ensured that every aspect of Puddle Lane, from the space, practice, staff, culture, and ethos are all aligned to best meet the needs of each child. We feel a huge sense of pride and privilege in being able to be a part of this important life stage, working alongside the child, families, and wider community to set the foundations of each child’s future.

Learning through play

We value the importance of learning through play and our practice is rooted in the learnings of Philosopher Fredrich Froebel and underpinned by social pedagogy. Here, children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, to be curious, to engage with nature through play and to take part in experiences which bring learning to life.

Celebrating achievements

Our children’s achievements, from small to great, are celebrated as we nurture, care, and support emotional wellbeing for all. Our environment is responsive to seasonal change, offering children the freedom to express themselves as individuals with rights, opinions, and meaningful real-life contributions to learning.