As part of our fun-loving team, you will help young children thrive through learning and play, which is enjoyable yet challenging to them.

Five reasons to work at Puddle Lane

1) There’s great fun to be had

There are huge opportunities to have plenty of fun. Each day our free-flowing, open plan nursery playrooms will be filled with plenty of toys, games, and pastimes.

As an energetic, friendly person you will bring joy to every activity. You will wholeheartedly join in, whether it is messing around with colourful paints, turning your hand to clay modelling or venturing outdoors and splashing in puddles.

2) Be part of a pioneering service

At Puddle Lane Nursery, our overall approach places an emphasis on children learning through play, talk, choice and self-activity. We follow the Friedrich Froebel movement and hold the belief that “play is the highest expression of human development in childhood”.

Our ambition is to provide a positive early childhood experience that is in line with the Curriculum for Excellence and has a focus on play. As a result, we have created playful learning environments in and outdoors. We thoroughly encourage young children to be active little learners during every enjoyable activity they try.

It is essential our entire workforce has a personal commitment to our play-based approach.

Our approach is grounded in strong research and evidence to ensure we deliver the highest quality of childcare. Be part of the pioneering service at Puddle Lane Nursery, Hillington.

3) Feel valued

At Puddle Lane Nursery, we value each individual team member. We understand their individuality, abilities and skills enrich the overall service offered. By celebrating the personal strengths and ambitions of each individual, genuine relationships are developed, which make way for mutual respect, trust, appreciation, and equality. It is our overall ambition to create an extremely positive environment for all.

4) Opportunities for professional development

At the heart of Puddle Lane is a commitment to deliver a high-quality childcare service. We want our workforce to be well-qualified, confident, and capable. We promise to empower our team to reach their own potential and encourage our children to follow in their footsteps and do the same.

At Puddle Lane, we understand there is a need to develop knowledge and skills continually through professional learning. All individual staff members will be nurtured and supported at all stages of their career.

5) Enjoy exceptional employee benefits

As a member of the Puddle Lane team, you are connected to a leading child and youth care charity, Kibble, who are renowned for high staff retention rates.

There is an understanding that recognition must be given to all our team members for their exceptional dedication. We therefore provide exceptional health and wellbeing benefits, as well as the opportunity to undertake further professional learning and development.