It is a privilege to have you consider Puddle Lane as your children’s nursery. We understand the importance of selecting childcare that is suitable for you and your little one.

The top ten reasons to select Puddle Lane as your childcare provider

1) Pioneering service

At Puddle Lane, we guarantee the highest standard of care is provided. Our experience and research have expanded across a national and international scale to ensure we offer the best practice in early years childcare. Our service can provide flexible childcare support to families and offers government-funded childcare places for three-and four-year-olds.

2) New, state-of-the-art, purpose-built children’s nursery

Children and adults alike will be in awe at our wide, open plan nursery that is complete with an indoor grass pitch, leading directly outdoors. The free-flowing playrooms are filled with plenty of games, activities and cosy nooks and are designed specifically for the age and stage of the little ones to whom it belongs. Our spacious nursery layout includes a dedicated, harmonious dining area setup for children and adults to come together for mealtimes. The pace is relaxed, which creates an enjoyable experience for all as the seating areas encourage socialising while discovering healthy food choices and likes and dislikes. There is no need to bring out tables and chairs to the playroom every day for mealtimes.

At Puddle Lane, play is the order of the day and children learn and thrive naturally with the freedom to express themselves and make natural discoveries. We are ready for play and adventure.

3) Our Culture

Our culture is to nurture happiness, confidence and creativity. Our culture is reflected in the complete design of Puddle Lane – from furniture to layout and open-ended resources.

The interior is nature-inspired to convey a serene, peaceful and calming environment. The furniture enables us to face one another to spark conversation and questions with quiet, cosy corners for downtime are always within reach.

4) Our friendly staff team

Our warm, welcoming staff team promise to provide the highest quality of childcare in Glasgow, Renfrewshire and all other surrounding areas. Each individual team member has a range of qualifications and experience and together deliver the philosophy of encouraging children to learn through play. Our staff team have a fun-loving nature and join in wholeheartedly with the children’s adventures, celebrating their achievements, from small to great.

At Puddle Lane, children can learn and play at their own pace and have the freedom to be curious. Our philosophy is grounded in the well-researched Philosopher Fredrich Froebel’s understanding of childhood practice.

5) Outdoor play encouraged

At Puddle Lane, outdoor play is an important part of every day. With a far reaching outdoor playground on the doorstep, as well as a colourful Community Garden blooming with growing fruits, flowers and plants, there are plenty of opportunities for children to get outside and explore, learn and play.

Children can wander through our enchanted garden, past the naturally colourful flower wall and experience the beauty of nature first-hand.

6) Dedicated soft play area

At Puddle Lane, there is the opportunity for endless fun with soft play for climbing, stretching and exploring. The colourful ball pool, slides and baby zone are all enjoyed greatly.

A favourite childhood pastime of visiting soft play is available within Puddle Lane. There is no need to visit a third party for the experience meaning no extra costs for you. We offer an all-encompassing children’s nursery with indoor and outdoor active play.

7) Easily accessible location

Find us in Hillington Park, Glasgow. We are off the M8, junction 26 and ideally located nearby Braehead Shopping Centre. Come and visit us – Edison Street, Hillington Park, Glasgow, G52 4JW.

8) Support employment in the local area

Puddle Lane provides a range of benefits to the local area, not only in the provision of childcare, but also in the form of training and employment opportunities for residents. All staff are fully supported in furthering their knowledge, experience and skills by our in-house learning and development team.

9) Over 160 years experience through our patronage

Puddle Lane was setup for the wider community by leading child and youth care charity and social enterprise, Kibble. By drawing on Kibble’s specialist knowledge and experience in childcare and education, the nursery brings valuable childcare using an innovative social enterprise model.

10) Profits are re-invested into your child

As a social enterprise, all Puddle Lane’s profits from nursery fees are re-invested into the nursery itself and put towards further enhancements that your child will benefit from.

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