Understandably, parents can have many questions about the nursery that their child will be attending. We have gathered our most frequently asked questions and if there is anything further at all, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Yes, the nursery place includes breakfast along with fresh, home-cooked meals. Also, snacks are freely available throughout the day. We offer a seasonal based menu that is healthy, nutritious and delicious. There is a separate menu suitable for babies too.

We cater for all allergies, intolerances and cultural beliefs.

Of course, if parents have the preference to provide packed breakfast or lunch, our team will be happy to support.

The pace of mealtime is relaxed and intended to be an enjoyable experience. There is a dedicated, harmonious space for eating and socialising that enables children to come together and make friends while selecting healthy food choices and discovering their likes and dislikes. Our dedicated dining area prevents the need to setup table and chairs within the playroom each day.

We want children to look forward to coming together to eat.

Yes, at Puddle Lane each child and family will have a dedicated Key Person. They will be there to ensure everyone has a positive experience and chat regularly to you.

Play is at the centre of everything that we do. Every opportunity to experience learning and personal achievement in play is enjoyed and encouraged.

Our curriculum is grounded in strong research a sound understanding that a focus on play can help babies and young children to thrive and learn. Our practice is rooted in the learnings of Philosopher Fredrich Froebel and underpinned by social pedagogy. Here, children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, to be curious, to engage with nature through play and to take part in experiences which bring learning to life.

We have a commitment to create a well-rounded early childhood experience, which is in line with the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ and ‘Realising the Ambition’ and has a focus on play. By involving children in play, as a natural and compelling activity, wellbeing, movement, coordination and confidence are all enhanced.

All our playrooms have been created in line with the age and stage of the children with outdoor play included.

Yes, outdoor play will be included in the weekly activities. Our indoor grass pitch leads children directly outside to run, play and get active in the fresh air. Children can explore nature through our community garden and gain an appreciation all living things from flowers, plants to animals and begin to understand the amazing world around them. Children also have the opportunity to grow and nurture their own fruit and vegetables. Find out more about our outdoor space.

We ask parents to provide both indoor and outdoor footwear for children to change into each day. For example, pack their bag with slippers for comfort and wellies for splashing in puddles along with warm, waterproof clothing. At the nursery, outdoor clothing for children will always be available, however own clothing can be left on a child’s peg.

Using our own transport facilities, we will arrange visits to places of interest on a seasonal basis to explore nature in a variety of environments.

We have a commitment that all children will get receive at least one visit to or from the corresponding primary school, where practically possible. We engage regularly with local nearby schools.

Yes, be reassured that children who have a specific wellbeing and developmental need will be fully supported in line with what is best for them. We follow the resources of Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and individual Child’s Planning Process.

Puddle Lane’s opening hours are 7.30am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday. We are closed for the two days Public Holiday over Christmas and New Year.

Yes, we offer free nursery places funded by the Scottish Government. All children aged three and four can receive up to 1,140 hours a year of funded childcare, approximately 30 hours a week in term time or extended hours over the full year.

All children aged three and four can receive up to 1,140 hours a year of funded early learning and childcare. For example, families can have:

  • 6 hours from Monday to Friday during the school term (38 weeks)
  • a morning or afternoon only session across the whole year (48 weeks)
  • 2.5 days a week over the whole year (48 weeks)
  • up to 10 hours extended day care for just some of the year

It is possible to combine your nursery and childcare arrangements. For example, your child goes to a nursery for part of the week and a childminder for the rest of the week. 

All placements are subject to availability within the service at the time of application/admission. Visit renfrewshire.gov.uk for more details or contact us today.

When your child starts depends on when their third birthday is during the year.

If their third birthday is in: They can start in:
March, April, May, June, July or August 2022 August 2022
September 2022 October 2022
October 2022 November 2022
November 2022 December 2022
December 2022 January 2023
January 2023 February 2023
February 2023 March 2023


There is some eligibility for two-year-olds to receive a funded childcare place. Normally the term after their second birthday. Visit the government website for full details on who can get funded nursery or childcare places for two-year-olds.

In each admission panel area, nursery placements are allocated in order of priority, starting with priority one to priority five children. If there are more applications than places remaining in that priority group, a ballot to allocate these places.

Similarly, where applicants are out with the service’s designated panel area, we will follow Renfrewshire Councils admissions policy.

If we are unable to allocate a funded placement, children will be offered a place at their second choice of establishment.

Visit Admission panel areas for nurseries and childminders on the Renfrewshire Website to find out more

You can also pay for wraparound childcare, where available, if you want additional nursery or childcare outside of the free hours your child gets.

This can be during term time, extended hours during the day or during the year (such as school holidays).

Yes, we offer very generous discounts to St Mirren season ticket holders and their friends and families. As well as Kibble staff members and their friends and family too.

We also offer free nursery places for three- and four-year-olds funded by the government.

Talk to us today about the childcare savings you can enjoy.

As a social enterprise, all Puddle Lane’s profits are re-invested into the nursery itself and put towards further enhancement that your child will benefit from.

Puddle Lane Early Learning and Childcare Centre was setup for the wider community by leading child and youth care charity and social enterprise, Kibble. The support from Kibble allows us to operate our state-of-the-art nursery as a social enterprise.

Puddle Lane Early Learning and Childcare Centre has large, open-plan playrooms that are modern and state-of-the-art, designed specifically for the age and stage of the children to whom it belongs. It is extremely spacious for children to run and play freely.

We have our very own soft play area filled with climbing frames, slides and colourful ball pools complete with a dedicated baby zone. The impressive size has the children (and their parents) in awe. The little ones have an endless amount of fun exploring, climbing and stretching.

Our large indoor grass area ensures children get active and enjoy ball games no matter what the Scottish weather has planned. The indoor grass area does lead directly outdoors, encouraging children to venture outside into nature. Our community garden is within easy reach and children begin to understand the world around them by growing and nurturing their own fruit and vegetables and fragrant flowers.

As an indoor and outdoor nursery, Puddle Lane offers children a wide range of experiences for active play and let’s them learn and develop naturally and happily.

Ask away - we will be happy to answer