Our Vegetable Patch Visit

At Puddle Lane children’s nursery, outdoor play and learning is a huge priority of ours. We are always looking for an opportunity to get outside, run free and widen our understanding of the natural world.

Recently, we took a visit to the vegetable patch and local park. The little ones pondered the different smells, tastes and textures of all the plants and growing vegetables. It was marvellous to find out that tomatoes grow in different sizes, some little, some big and one that could very well be the biggest tomato in the world. We even found tomatoes in different colours and shades of red and green. It was captivating to learn where food comes from, what makes vegetables grow and the importance of the different seasons.

The children asked curious questions and wondered why some of the peas in the pods had lots of little peas, and others had none at all. Is it possible that the birds were sneaking them out for a snack?

As a Glasgow children’s nursery, we cannot guarantee the weather will be sunshine all the time. However, that won’t stop us. Providing children with outdoor adventures helps connect them with the living environment, especially when hands-experience with plants and vegetables are involved. It all contributes to their early learning and development.

We ran around rollie polling on the grass until resting under the tree. Looking up at the gigantic tree from our little world below. There was lots to think about as we reflected on the day.