Legends in the “Baking”

Amongst the leafy trees and winding roads of Hillington Park, lies Puddle Lane children’s nursery, where little ones have been busy baking some tasty treats.

Baking enables our children to experience real life learning in play. Children master new skills first-hand as they prepare to try something new. It is a very social occasion with lots of conversations and curious questions mixed with trying new tasks and gaining the confidence to experiment. Often the little one’s chat about stories from home and recall making cakes in their own kitchen. They sometimes share their favourite snacks and flavours. The kids are keen to do as the adults in their life do and spend time in the kitchen.

Through making their own bread, pasta and scones, children develop early literacy and numeracy skills as they follow a recipe, count and measure ingredients. With their own eyes, kids see how the individual ingredients are mixed together to create something delicious to taste and share at home.

Of course, we never forget to clean-up. We all thoroughly enjoy sweeping the floor, washing up and returning equipment to where it belongs. Baking is a pastime which brings to life the effort and preparation that is involved in making something from start to finish.